Online loans market in Poland.


Depending on the lender we choose and what our credit history looks like, we can count on different offers. The standard amount range for online loans ranges from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys.

We can spend the funds at our discretion and needs. It is not a targeted loan (car, mortgage or installment loan). This means that lenders do not interfere in how we spend the money.

Good time for everything

Good time for everything

According to a study by the Credit Information Bureau, with the money from an online loan, we most often finance renovation and larger purchases for home – home electronics and appliances. The loan can then be the primary source of cash or a supplement to your home budget.

The second place of expenditure financed in this way is current expenditure . This is due to the fact that many farms in Poland have a problem with covering the costs of everyday life. Such families, in order to survive until the end of the month, are in debt.

The third most common purpose for which we allocate borrowed money are trips and expenses related to hobbies and pleasures : sports, music, photographic equipment, electronic gadgets.

These expenses can be quite justified and constitute a kind of investment in yourself.

These expenses can be quite justified and constitute a kind of investment in yourself. 

Developed passion, which in the future becomes a source of our income. With an online loan we will pay for a course, training or equipment to improve skills.

On a weekend or holiday trip, we can make acquaintances that will pay off with job offers or business offers.

However, remember: every payday is a commitment that we must fulfill . The conclusion of the contract means acceptance of the repayment conditions, which include timely payment of installments. We should always borrow only as much as we can give back.

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