Pauls Jonass leads Patagonia-Argentina Qualifying MXGP

2022 Patagonia-Argentina MXGP – Round 3 Qualifying

The first day of racing ended in Villa La Angostura for the MXGP of Patagonia-Argentina with Pauls Jonass of Standing Construct Husqvarna Factory Racing winning the MXGP qualifying race, while Jago Geerts of Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing won victory in MX2.

It was an action-packed day, with the morning starting with the free and timed practice sessions which saw Team HRC’s Tim Gajser on pole for both, but that didn’t translate to a win today. today, but showed he had the raw speed to be up. before tomorrow.

Jed Beaton

Australia’s top performer was Mitch Evans who finished 12th, while F&H Kawasaki Racing Team’s Jed Beaton was eliminated on the first lap when he was involved in a mid-air collision. he was uninjured but was unable to continue as the bike had been damaged in the impact.

In MX2, Kay de Wolf of Nestaan ​​Husqvarna Factory Racing MX2 and Simon Längenfelder of Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing topped the free and timed practice standings and also had a strong qualifying run.


When it came time for the MXGP qualifying race, it was Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Glenn Coldenhoff leading his teammate, Jeremy Seewer. JM Honda Racing’s Henry Jacobi also got off to a good start but was quickly passed by Team HRC’s Tim Gajser, who then also passed Seewer for second place. Pauls Jonass of Standing Construct Husqvarna Factory Racing started around sixth.

Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer

Before the end of the first lap, Jed Beaton of F&H Kawasaki Racing and Brian Bogers of Standing Construct Husqvarna Factory Racing came together, with neither rider continuing the race. Beaton was uninjured but was unable to continue due to a damaged bike, while Bogers was left with a dislocated shoulder which was taken care of at the venue medical centre.

On lap five, Seewer passed Gajser to move back into second, as Gajser struggled with a rear brake issue, while Coldenhoff continued to lead.

Gajser then became a target, as Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing’s Jorge Prado passed the Slovenian on lap six, with Gajser losing two more places on the next lap as Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Maxime Renaux and Diga’s Thomas Kjer Olsen Procross KTM Racing. obtained by. He eventually finished in seventh place.

jorge prado
jorge prado

In the closing laps we saw a close battle for the lead between teammates, Coldenhoff and Seewer, with the Swiss taking the lead with four laps to go. But the battle for first place between the factory Yamaha riders played into the hands of Jonass who managed to catch the two and take the win very quickly to be the new race leader on lap 12.

In the end, Jonass took his first qualifying race victory since 2018 and will start on pole in tomorrow’s races. Seewer finished second, with Prado third, while Coldenhoff moved up to sixth, meaning Renaux was fourth, with Olsen fifth.

Pauls Jonas

” I was not expecting that at all. Obviously I love this track a lot and I still love racing here, but as many know, since mid-January I haven’t ridden the bike that much and in Mantua my injury opened up too; I had to do another surgery and only rode once in between, so considering everything I’ve done on the bike this off season, I can’t believe it, that this was possible. Before all the bad things started to happen I felt good on the bike and now I’m just going to take all the positives and enjoy the race like today I enjoyed the track a lot this morning we had made some small changes on the bike because in the off season we didn’t test much and now I just need some bike time so I think I can be in front at every GP. It’s a nice feeling and I have to bring that to tomorrow”

Pauls Jonas
Pauls Jonas

MXGP qualifying

Pos Rider Nat. Bike Diff. First
1 Jonah, Pauls LAT Husqvarna 0:00.000
2 Seewer, Jeremiah SU Yamaha 0:01.856
3 Prado, Jorge ESP GASGAS 0:04.830
4 Renaux, Maxime ENG Yamaha 0:05.531
5 Olsen, Thomas Kjer LAIR KTM 0:07.839
6 Coldenhof, Glenn NDE Yamaha 0:14.892
7 Gasser, Tim SLO Honda 0:17.790
8 Fernandez, Ruben ESP Honda 0:19.544
9 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEAUTIFUL Beta 0:22.760
ten Tixier, Jordi ENG KTM 0:26.272
11 Jacobi, Henry ALL Honda 0:33.623
12 Evans, Mitchell AU Honda 0:40.157
13 Forato, Albert ITA GASGAS 0:43.149
14 Watson, Ben UK Kawasaki 0:45.320
15 Martin, Humbert FRI Husqvarna 1 turn
16 Toro, Lautaro AR KTM 1 turn
17 Trossero, Marcos AR Yamaha 1 turn
18 Arco, Victor Dario AR Suzuki 1 turn
19 Villaronga, Sergio CHL Honda 1 turn
20 Carrasco, Augustine AR Yamaha 1 turn
21 Gallette, Pablo AR Yamaha 1 turn
22 Sastre, Flavio Nicolas AR Kawasaki 2 rounds
23 Cabarcos, Francisco AR Suzuki 2 rounds
24 Soria, Diego AR Kawasaki 2 rounds
25 Galvan, Ivan AR Kawasaki 2 rounds
26 Rolando, Nicholas URU Suzuki 2 rounds
27 Bogers, Brian NDE Husqvarna 14 rounds
28 Beaton, Jed AU Kawasaki 14 rounds


In MX2 qualifying, it was Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jago Geerts who landed a good jump, but it was Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Tom Vialle who took the holeshot and led the way. But that didn’t last long as Geerts was able to get around him before the end of the round.

Jago Geerts
Jago Geerts

Nestaan ​​Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Kay de Wolf started well but was passed by F&H Kawasaki Racing’s Kevin Horgmo who also passed Vialle for second place and looked strong. But at the end of the lap he crashed and dropped to 18th. He finished 12th in the end.

SM Action Racing Team YUASA Battery rider Andrea Adamo was advancing into the top 10 but grabbed the rear wheel of KTM Beddini MX2’s Gianluca Facchetti and fell. He did not finish the race, while Facchetti finished 10th.

wolf kay
wolf kay

Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing’s Mattia Guadagnini looked to regroup as he passed Facchetti on lap six, but made no further progress when Big Van World MTX Kawasaki’s Mikkel Haarup passed him and Längenfelder to eventually finish fourth.

On lap nine we saw Nestaan ​​Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Roan Van de Moosdijk crash as he crashed out of fourth place. He did not return to racing and went to the medical center with his condition for tomorrow unknown.

Tom Viale
Tom Viale

In the end, Geerts took a straight qualifying race victory under pressure from Vialle throughout the heat, as the Frenchman crossed the line 4.703 seconds behind him. Third was de Wolf with Haarup and Längenfelder fourth and fifth.

Jago Geerts

“I’m really happy. I got off to a good start, and we struggled with the starts in the first two laps, so I’m really happy with that. The driving was good, I didn’t take too much risks, the jumps were pretty sketchy but overall I feel good and I feel ready for tomorrow, hopefully I get two good starts and then we’ll see.

MX2 qualifying

Pos Rider Nat. Bike Diff. First
1 Geerts, Jago BEAUTIFUL Yamaha 0:00.000
2 Viale, Tom ENG KTM 0:04.703
3 by Wolf, Kay NDE Husqvarna 0:09.974
4 Haarup, Mikkel LAIR Kawasaki 0:24.704
5 Laengenfelder, Simon ALL GASGAS 0:29.838
6 Guadagnini, Mattia ITA GASGAS 0:31.194
7 Don, Isaac SWED KTM 0:32.485
8 Rubini, Etienne ENG Honda 0:32.856
9 Sydow, Jeremy ALL KTM 0:41.656
ten Facchetti, Gianluca ITA KTM 0:46.110
11 Mewse, Conrad UK KTM 0:46.948
12 Hormo, Kevin OR Kawasaki 0:52.311
13 Fredriksen, Hakon OR Honda 1:43.453
14 Righi, Luciano AR Husqvarna 1 turn
15 Pascual, Pablo Jeremias AR KTM 1 turn
16 Ciccimarra, Fermin AR Yamaha 1 turn
17 Van De Moosdijk, Rouan NDE Husqvarna 5 rounds
18 Rivarola, Thomas AR KTM 8 rounds
19 Adamo, Andrea ITA GASGAS 10 rounds

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