Police diary: trespassing arrest, off-road motorcycle theft and more


The following has been provided courtesy of the Bristol Township Police Service.

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October 26


Recently, a treatment system was stolen from a Hyundai HL940 wheel loader on Durham Road. The value of the item was $ 3,000.


A 42-year-old homeless woman has been arrested for criminal trespassing on Plumtree Road. She was arraigned and the bond was set at 10 percent of $ 25,000.

October 27


A 39-year-old man from Newtown Township was arrested for violating an abuse protection order on Plumtree Road at 2:04 pm He was arraigned and bail was set at 10% of $ 300,000. He was transported to prison by gendarmes.


A 33-year-old Lehigh County woman was arrested on a warrant in Whitehall Township, County Lehigh, on Stewart Avenue at 5:18 p.m. She was released into custody by US Police. Township of Whitehall.


During the night, entry was forced into a garage and a generator, compressor, nail gun, saber saw, circular and various other tools were stolen from Winder Drive. The burglary caused a loss of $ 6,000.

Vehicle theft

A catalytic converter was stolen from a Ford E-450 on Frost Road at 8:34 am The theft was worth $ 500.

Stolen vehicle

Overnight, a 2021 Kawasaki off-road motorcycle was stolen from a hangar on Crosswood Lane. The value of the vehicle was $ 4,200.


October 28


A 38-year-old Bristol Township woman was arrested on a Bucks County arrest warrant on Peony Road at 6:53 pm She was returned to the custody of the Sheriff’s deputies.


A 53-year-old Philadelphia man was arrested on a Bristol Township warrant on Bath Road at 7:58 pm He was arraigned and his bail was set at $ 2,500 without security.


A 33-year-old man from Bensalem Township was arrested on a Bucks County arrest warrant on Bath Road at 9:36 p.m. He was turned over to the custody of sheriff’s deputies.

Stolen vehicle

Overnight someone stole a 1999 Honda Civic on Ford Road at 10:29 a.m.

Vehicle theft

Overnight, a 2003 Honda was seized and a wallet was stolen along Ford Road at 3:39 pm The theft was worth $ 120.

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