Retro Cafe Racer style is the name of the game for this custom Yamaha XSR155


Indonesia’s thriving customs culture is home to some of the brightest bespoke two-wheelers in existence.

Unless you live in Asia, chances are you’ve never seen Yamaha’s XSR155 anywhere other than a display (if at all), but this bad boy is a superstar in places like the Philippines and the UK. ‘Indonesia. Despite being the smallest variant of the Sport Heritage family, the XSR155 is by no means trivial and motorcycle customization companies seem to appreciate it.

A while back, we introduced you to Deus Ex Machina’s menacing “Aka-Tombo” – a scrambler-style masterpiece that manages to look seriously buff. This time around, we’ll take a look at Katros Garage’s take on a 2019 MY XSR155, complete with cafe racer design cues and a myriad of stylish aftermarket accessories. One thing is certain; Katros’ bespoke creature appears to be a lot faster than it actually is!

Focusing mainly on aesthetics, Andi Akbar and his team started by making an aluminum front fairing, which contains integrated LED turn signals and a tinted windshield. Backing up we find a new gauge box in the cockpit, as well as a Clubman handlebar with rubber grips and round mirrors.

At six o’clock, the Motorcycle Architects installed a removable bolt-on rear section, as well as a two-seat saddle that has been padded internally with synthetic leather. The standard motorcycle taillight was retained, but the original turn signals were dropped to make way for LED substitutes. Underneath the 155cc single-cylinder powertrain, you’ll see a new guard casing that hugs the exhaust manifold, while a smaller fender can be seen between the forks.

For the finishing touch, Indonesian surgeons wrapped the entire shebang in the funky Bold Riders livery. Additionally, XSR’s Y-spoke wheels were wrapped in Bridgestone Battlax BT46 rubber, and the exhaust system was topped with a custom kit free-flowing muffler. All in all, this lovely entity does a great job of showing what the pros at Katros Garage are capable of.

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