SitusAMC Adds Licensed Underwriting to its Loan Execution Support Services

In this current buy-driven market, mortgage lenders are struggling to maintain volume and gain market share while dealing with growing origination expenses, rising interest rates, regulatory demands growth and a highly competitive talent market.

In response to this, mortgage enforcement service provider SitusAMC has added a licensed underwriting offering as part of its loan enforcement assistance services.

The expanded service provides turnkey support for a variety of product types and helps lenders improve margins, increase loan volume and shorten turnaround times, the company said in a statement.

SitusAMC already offers a variety of execution support services, including origination, closing, financing and post-closing. The new full-service licensed underwriting offering supports all major mortgage products, including agency, home equity, jumbo, non-QM, and debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) programs.

The offering can be customized to align with the lender’s specific needs, helping them expand into new product areas efficiently and confidently while optimizing operations in a fluctuating origination environment.

“Our new loan execution assistance services are designed to help originators navigate today’s challenging market dynamics,” said Jon Gerretsen, managing director and head of credit services at SitusAMC. “The scope of services can be customized to meet a range of needs. We are excited to extend our full range of capabilities across our wide range of support areas which include origination, closing and financing, and post-closing.

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