Stolen bikes from son and late husband prompt Wareham woman’s search


WAREHAM – Sharon Bartholomew offered a $ 1,000 reward – no questions asked – to recover two stolen off-road motorcycles from a storage container at the Cranberry Family Bogs in West Wareham on Wednesday, September 29.

They weren’t just bicycles. These were links to her late husband shared with her 11-year-old son. Her husband died earlier this year at the age of 44.

One of the motorcycles, a Yamaha YZ125, belonged to him and the second, a Honda XR100, was a gift from father to son.

She appealed on a Facebook post, asking people to watch and call Wareham PD for any information. She said: “As you can imagine, the bicycles have great sentimental value for my son who does not yet know that the bicycles have been stolen.”

She added: “To the person who stole the bikes: I beg you to bring the bikes back to the cranberry bogs – no questions asked. It’s absolutely going to break what’s left of my son’s heart.

She also asked friends seeing the Facebook post not to pass the information on to her son, who was unaware of the theft.

She didn’t want him to know it, “until all hope was lost.”

Then she was contacted by a minor, a boy, who said he had information about the bikes and gave her a child’s name and an address – sort of.

“He didn’t know exactly where it was,” she said, but it was in Carver, near a local business.

So she went to get him.

“I started driving until I just had a feeling and pulled into a driveway. It turned out to be the child’s house.

She met the boy’s father, who “was very kind and kind and just wanted to help. He said: ‘I think he has your bike.’ “

She said the family were “super helpful and didn’t try to cover him up”.

She explained that she just wanted to get the bikes back. “It means a lot to my son. I’m not looking for any problem.

The father dropped off the bike at the police station the next day and she picked it up. It was his son’s motorcycle, the Honda XR100.

Her son must have been informed of the thefts at this point so that he could identify the bike and determine if there had been any damage.

There was.

“I ask someone to examine it, but they punctured the front tire. They bent the handlebars, broke plastic.

They are still trying to get her husband's bike back, the bigger blue and white Yamaha YZ125.

She said the case was under police investigation, but it emerged that the boy with his son’s bicycle had not stolen it. One of the young people involved in the theft gave it to him “because he was trying to get rid of it”.

The boy who provided the information to get the reward money also didn’t steal it, but knew the boys who did.

They are still trying to get her husband’s bike back, the bigger blue and white Yamaha YZ125.

She said investigators are scrutinizing information provided by suspects identified so far.

The Yamaha would still be in Wareham, she said.

“The police are on it and try to do everything they can, but

I have a feeling that we are not going to get it back, ”she said.

Wareham Police Chief Walter Correia Jr. said there had been a slight increase in these thefts recently in town and detectives were working to locate the second bike. “I hope we get it,” he said.

There have been a number of cases of stolen bikes in the area lately, including one incident on Monday.

Wareham Police Chief Walter Correia Jr. said detectives were working to locate the second bike.

Mattapoisett Police noted in a Facebook post that “Communities across the South Coast have seen a drastic increase in high-end motorcycle theft. “

Mattapoisett Police have charged two suspects – an 18-year-old man from New Bedford and a 22-year-old man from E. Freetown – after a car and foot chase that ended in Fairhaven – for receiving stolen goods and motor vehicle offenses.

Wareham Police reported shortly before 10 p.m. that evening that they were looking for a U-Haul truck possibly involved in a motorcycle theft in their town.

Mattapoisett Police saw the U-Haul and chased it to Fairhaven, where Fairhaven Police were able to deploy stop sticks and flatten all four tires, police said.

The two accused men were taken into police custody after a short foot chase. The $ 17,000 motorcycle was returned to its owner.

While not optimistic, Bartholomew has asked residents of Wareham to keep an eye out and call Wareham Police at 508-295-1212 for information on the still missing bike.

She added, “Oh, my God, that just drives me crazy. I don’t like thieves. I don’t like having fun with – I mean, my son is 11. He’s there. sweetest thing in the world. It wasn’t just about stealing a bike. It was like stealing a little bit, part of his dad. It was like he felt super violated. We all have it. made.

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