Tamarit Motorcycles completes project number 104 dubbed the JBBL

We all know that some aftermarket customization groups have their favorite brands to work on. Some of the brands we see regularly include BMW, KTM, Honda and Kawasaki. In the meantime, we want to highlight Tamarit Motorcycles and their preferences for working Triumph two-wheelers. The latest bike to come out of their garage is a beautiful bobber they call the JBBL.

This build starts with a 2008 Triumph Bonneville T100 which then gets rid of all unnecessary components. Tamarit Motorcycles also reveals that the cafe racer is project 104 for the team. It’s an order from one of their clients named Jordi. The JBBL is shipped to its owner in Mallorca.

Although it is a one-size-fits-all silhouette, the boutique incorporates the Jade’s flat-tummy design. Other than that, everything else is tailor-made to give the bike a slightly more muscular stature. There are enough cosmetic changes here to set it apart from the stock version of its donor bike.

The front end of the 2008 Triumph Bonneville T100 looks different as Tamarit Motorcycles replaces it with a Springer fork. Supposedly, the unique performance of its suspension system changes the ride characteristics of the JBBL. For more safety when it gets dark, they mount an adaptive LED headlight.

Traditional wire wheels are up front, but the rear gets 16-inch lenticular rims to improve aerodynamics. The JBBL’s gradual tank slope meets a handmade plush seat covered in nautical material. Under the seat base is where the rear lights are installed.

Then we have a side mount for his floating license plate. Adding to its unique setup is the Zard exhaust which is positioned higher on the frame. The black/grey/white colorway and graphite nickel plating accents complete the look of the JBBL.

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Before JBBL JBBL Instrument Belly shoe JBBL JBBL saddle JBBL floating license Rear JBBL

Images courtesy of Tamarit Motorcycles

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