Tesla AutoPilot involved in a crash that caused a death in 2022

Tesla’s ADAS system, AutoPilot, has become polarized due to the way it was launched. Elon Musk has often called a fully autonomous system, but in reality it has often been described as an ADAS Level 2 system. There is now an ongoing investigation by the US NHTSA looking into an accident that caused the death of two motorcyclists in August. The crash involved a Tesla that was on AutoPilot. In October 2022, NHTSA revealed that there were a total of three deaths caused by AutoPilot.

This incident took place in Boca Raton, Florida in August when a Tesla Model 3 driven by a local resident slammed into a Kawasaki Vulcan S. The passenger, Ingrid Noon, was thrown backwards from her motorcycle by the force of impact and hit the windshield. of the Tesla. She eventually died of her injuries.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office noted that the driver was using AutoPilot and driving impaired at the time of the crash. This means this is the third fatality in just two months involving AutoPilot.

While Tesla notes that driver supervision is still necessary for AutoPilot, the language used often results in users being lax. Meanwhile, Tesla has been working on a new version of AutoPilot for two years which has been dubbed Full Self Driving Beta by Elon Musk.

“The car will be able to take you from home to your work, to your friends, to the grocery store without you touching the steering wheel,” he described the software. Tesla’s reluctance to rely on machine learning algorithms but not use things like LiDAR and speed cameras also complicates matters.

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