The Kawasaki MXGP factory team takes new photos with boss Kimi Räikkönen

Kawasaki Racing Team’s MXGP effort is busy preparing for the challenges of the 2022 season. Although best known as an extremely talented F1 driver, Räikkönen was both passionate and deeply involved. in motocross for over a decade. You can also find plenty of videos of him competing on bikes in the land of ice and snow over the years.

With a new year comes new challenges, however – and the KRT MXGP took another step forward at the end of February with an official team photoshoot. They’re good for PR, sure, but they’re also a very literal snapshot of any racing team, at any given moment in time. The riders (or pilots) are certainly important, but they are only parts of the team and do not constitute the whole team on their own. Although the members of this team have been working together for some time, 2022 marks its first year as a factory Kawasaki team.

“When the team started it was with Kawasaki machines so we can see the logic of the lime green puzzle pieces fitting together. Our level of passion, experience and competitiveness is at an all-time high, and we are ready for the challenges ahead,” KRT MXGP Team Principal Antti Pyrhönen said in a statement. .

“Kimi started the team in 2011 and asked me to be the Team Manager. It was so soon after my racing career, I almost still had the strap marks on my chin from my hard hat! Since then, we have carefully gathered a great team around us who work as an effective unit and can try to win the world championship,” he continued.

“It’s an evolving process and every year, month and day we learn more, and we hope that this learning process will never end. Kimi gives us excellent strategic advice and his knowledge of world motorsport at the highest level helps us to always focus on the big picture in terms of team approach. Our twin goals are success on and off the track – race and championship success at the GPs and to be seen as one of the most professional and well-presented teams in the paddock,” explained Pyrhönen.

“To succeed in any business, you have to be motivated. As a former GP driver I know that, as does Kimi with her Formula 1 background. of success in 2022,” he concluded.

The riders will, in fact, race, strategize, learn and always keep their heads in the game. We can’t wait to see how the efforts of the new KRT MXGP team will bear fruit.

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