The legend of Durban … from bikes to boards


This week’s old photo was posted by Nik Duxbury on the Durban Down Memory Lane Facebook page with the caption: “A well-known landmark in Durban in the late 1970s, bikers will remember”.

At the bottom of Brickhill Road (now Sylvester Ntuli) on the sea side, just before the intersection with Pine Street, the company was known as Killerbys and at the time had the Honda dealership in Durban, attracting Honda enthusiasts from as far away. like Port Shepstone and Greytown.

Many certainly had memories, with stories of buying their first bike for R5,000, glimpses of some of South Africa’s greatest riders, and some friendly debates between the two.

The Sylvester Ntuli Road building today. Shelley Kjonstad / African News Agency (ANA)

Journalist Trevor Bruce, who ran the Independent Saturday news bureau for many years, and an avid biker himself, remembers the shop well.

“It was then taken over and called Durban Marine and Suzuki, run by the late Russell Davidson who also owned the Parade Hotel where the Magoo bombing took place,” he said. “Honda then moved to new premises on Pine Street, called Supercycle, owned by famous Woolley brothers, Keith and Dave. The latter was a top cyclist and won several South African titles. “

The photo taken this week by Shelley Kjonstad shows that the building has been paved, but its basic outline is in place. A very developed city has developed around it. Today, it houses a first surf shop.

The independent on Saturday

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