The mysterious Benelli 650 V-Twin ADV ready to take on Aprili …


Now is the right time to be Benelli right now as sales skyrocket in his home country of Italy thanks to his value-for-money TRK 502 Adventure Tourer smashing all other competitors in the sales charts… and now the next stages of its growth seem to have been revealed with a new V-Twin adventure bike.

Spurred on by significant funding from QiangJiang Motor, although the 2005 acquisition of one of the motorcycle’s most historic brands has been slow to find its rhythm, the past two years have seen Benelli not only to reassert itself in its country of origin, but also to find a foothold in the competitive Chinese market.

Unsurprisingly, QJ has been keen to capitalize on this success with a slew of new models launched over the past 24 months, many of which will not see the light of day in Europe despite its legacy.

However, one model that would surely be destined for Europe – a mid-range adventure motorcycle – has appeared in patent renders, as Cycle World reported.

A market that itself has been experiencing a growth spurt recently – since the Yamaha Tenere 700 has come to prove that you don’t have to be big and complicated to offer quality off-road sensations at a reasonable price – it was recently joined by the new Aprilia Touareg 660, while the production version of the Ducati DesertX concept awaits behind the scenes for December.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, a third Italian midi-ADV will therefore come from Benelli.

Not named yet, although not “officially” a Benelli since QJ has filed the patent and there is no clear mark, there are some design traits and clear inspiration. from Yamaha and Aprilia which would indicate that it will be part of the Europe range.

Interestingly, although Benelli has a number of engine configurations in its portfolio, it would point to a whole new direction with a 650cc V-twin. This will delight fans of the Suzuki V-Strom 650, a model that will gradually switch to parallel architecture when Suzuki finally takes care of its replacement.

Seeming to lean towards a more hardcore ADV approach than the smaller but slightly overlapping 502 TRK’s adventure touring element, when we’ll have to wait and find out what that will mean in the flesh, there’s a good chance – on the basis for recent examples from Benelli and QJ – we might see it at EICMA next month.

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