The price of Suzuki bikes in Pakistan has also increased

Yesterday we reported the increase in prices of Yamaha bicycles, now Pak Suzuki also increases the prices of bicycles. Costs increase up to Rs. 8,000 effective immediately. The Pak Suzuki Motor Company is sweeping the rise in the prices of the GD-110, GS-150, GS-150 SE and GR-150.

Here is the complete list of Suzuki motorcycles with their previous and updated prices.

Suzuki bike model Old prices in PKR Price increase in PKR Revised prices in PKR
GD-110S 194,000 5,000 199,000
GS-150 210,000 5,000 215,000
GS-150 SE 227,000 5,000 232,000
GR-150 307,000 8,000 315,000

Just recently, the prices of Yamaha bikes in Pakistan have increased dramatically. While the prices of Suzuki bikes in Pakistan were also increased in October. Just like a few months ago, initially several car manufacturers raised the prices of their products, then the motorcycle industry followed suit.

However, the PSMC is raising the price of motorcycles for the fourth time this year, with an increase of up to Rs. 28,000 since the start of the 2021 calendar year.

As Auto Bicycle makers, bicycle makers also blame the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar. They insist that the prices of bicycles in Pakistan are increasing due to an increase in manufacturing costs, while the prices of raw materials alone have increased exponentially.

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