The restored 1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk will seduce you with its old school style


In my opinion, the CB77 Super Hawk is one of Honda’s finest classics. Before the CB750 was designed, there was the magnificent CB77 Super Hawk.

What you see here is a 1965 variant of the Honda lineup, which has spent nearly three decades with its current owner. Within its tubular steel frame, the old-school gem carries a 305cc four-stroke parallel twin, featuring a single overhead camshaft, two valves per cylinder, and a compression ratio of 8, 1: 1.

When the air-cooled engine purrs at around 9,000 rpm, a maximum power of 28 horsepower will be routed to a four-speed transmission. The punch is transmitted to the 18-inch rear wheel by means of a final chain drive, allowing the Super Hawk ’65 MY to reach a top speed of 105 mph (168 km / h).

On the other hand, the front arch of the motorcycle is stopped thanks to a double shoe drum brake, which is accompanied by an identical module at the opposite end. The whole structure is based on a traditional pair of telescopic forks in the front and two adjustable shock absorbers in the south. Before any of the vital fluids were added, the CB77 Super Hawk weighed just 351 pounds (159 kg).

Under current ownership, the Japanese relic has received an invigorating makeover, receiving youthful upholstery, fresh paint, and new chrome handlebars that sport aftermarket grips. Additionally, the creature’s tires were discarded to make room for modern rubber in 2018, while its clutch mechanism, drive chain, and exhaust have all been replaced for good measure.

To provide optimal airflow, the Keihin dual carburetors have also been refurbished upside down. This crisp vintage piece of machinery is on the block without reservation as we speak, and you have until Friday (October 22) to place your bids on the BaT (Bring A Trailer) platform. For now, the top bidder is offering $ 4,000 to make the CB77 part of his family, but that amount is expected to exceed five thousand in the coming days.

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