Top 10 motorcycles for a date

According to Hollywood, all cool guys ride motorcycles. He wears a leather jacket, jeans and boots. A spare helmet for his rider hangs on the back of the bike. Every woman wants to date him, which hopefully means taking a ride on the back of his motorcycle. Some bikes make two-up riding more comfortable. For a date, you don’t need an oversized chest of drawers. Instead, you need a bike that’s nimble enough for city streets and big enough for two people. These 10 bikes are perfect for making a date and taking them around town.


10/10 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Stock studio image of a Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650cc in Orange Crush RHS against a white background.

The Interceptor 650 is perfect for a date night as its large seat can easily accommodate two people. Because it’s long and flat, your passenger can snuggle in as close as they feel comfortable. This helps passengers who are new to motorcycles feel comfortable and confident. The riding position is more upright but still sporty, allowing the rider to comfortably cling to a passenger. There’s also a conveniently placed bar in the back for the passenger to grab. The classic style of this cafe racer is compact and easy to maneuver in traffic. It also makes it easier to find a parking space right in front.

9/10 Yamaha SR400

Stock studio image of a black 2018 Yamaha SR400 on a white background.

This svelte little 400 may be new, but it looks vintage. However, unlike true vintage bikes, the Yamaha SR4000 has electric fuel injection. However, Yamaha did not remove the starter. So you can bring the bike to life without having to operate a choke. Although a 400cc motor might not seem like a lot of power, this bike has plenty of power to keep up with traffic. Damping the ride is a soft suspension that smooths out bumps and potholes. While the seat could use more padding, it’s nice and tall. There is plenty of room for two people.

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8/10 Triumph Tiger Sport

Studio image of a red 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Adventure Motorcycle facing left against a white background.

The Tiger Sport is a mid-weight sport touring bike, perfect for the daily commute. It is also perfect for a romantic date. From office to dinner, you and your passenger will feel comfortable. The wide handlebars and curved saddle put you in an ergonomic riding position. The seat is nice and wide, giving you plenty of room while being plush and supportive. By comparison, the taller passenger seat allows your date to see past you without leaning to the side and throwing you off balance. Combine that with the extra-long suspension, and you’ve got a smooth ride for you and your date.

7/10 BMW R1250GS

Studio image of a black and yellow 2020 BMW R 1250 GS on a white background.

If you’re the type of person who always wants the latest technology, then BMW is your motorcycle brand. The company is known for producing innovative motorcycles. Sitting on the R1250 GS feels a bit like being in a cockpit with large, clearly visible dials. The sleek handlebar curves toward you for an upright, comfortable riding position. Connect your smartphone to the integrated Bluetooth to follow turn-by-turn navigation or share a few songs with your passenger. This lets you communicate when you’re on the bike and heading to your destination. So sit back and enjoy the supple suspension that smooths out the bumpiest roads.

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6/10 Triumph Bonneville T120

Studio image of a blue 2021 Triumph Bonneville T120 facing left against a white background.

Step on this bike’s user-friendly cruise control and enjoy the ride with your date. The seat of the Triumph Bonneville T120 has extra padding, making it comfortable for you and your passenger. The lightweight design of the bike makes it easy to move through traffic. Extra low handlebar placement keeps your hands comfortable by preventing them from going numb. The shape of the fuel tank is nice on this bike, which makes it more comfortable to place your legs on either side. Unlike smaller bikes, the 1200cc engine has enough power to keep your partner’s heart racing and you.

5/10 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse Motorcycles

Image of a red 2022 Indian Roadmaster on cobblestones in front of water and a bridge.

Not all date night bikes need to be small and nimble. The Roadmaster Dark Horse is big, powerful and responsible. It comes with Indian’s most powerful engine, the 1890cc Thunder Stroke engine. It’s the bike people imagine when they think of motorcycles. This bagger comes with all the standard features, batwing fairings, large bags and a protective windshield. Leave the luggage in the back, and your date will come closer to you as he wraps his arms around you to hold on. Alternatively, add the rear seat and bags, and your passenger has a full backrest that wraps securely around them.

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4/10 Ducati Scrambler

Studio image of a red 2021 Indian Roadmaster 2022 Ducati Scrambler Icon motorcycle facing right against a white background.

There are a few bikes that you can call beautiful, and this is one of them. It’s perfect for date night with its expert Italian design that makes the bike look fresh and modern instead of vintage and tired. Unlike other motorcycles in the Ducati range, this is one of the most affordable. That leaves you with plenty of money for date night. The scrambler style of this bike makes it nimble and fun to ride around town or in the countryside. The bold red of the fenders and tank with the long, sleek curves give this bike some much-needed sexiness you don’t often see with scramblers or cafe racers.

3/10 BMW K1600

Studio image of a silver 2021 BMW K1600 GT motorcycle facing left in front of a white background.

Despite being one of the bigger bikes on this list, the K1600 is an enjoyable ride. It is perfectly balanced, which facilitates the boarding of a passenger. The motor shifts smoothly, creating a nice ride for you and your date. Like any bike in the BMW lineup, this bike is packed with technology and features. Some make driving easier, while others increase comfort. Your rider will appreciate the contoured saddle and large rubber footpegs. Opt for the addition of luggage in the back and you have an ideal place to store your personal effects and your helmets.

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2/10 Harley-Davidson Nightster

Studio image of a red and black 2022 Harley Davidson Nightster motorcycle facing right against a white background.

The Nightster has all the attitude of the old-school motorcycle without the weighty heaviness of the typical Harley. Traditionalists will see much of the original Sportster in the design of this bike. However, it also takes important steps towards modern bicycle design. Both riders will have a blast on this bike as it leans into corners effortlessly. There are also several riding modes to choose from, which customize the performance of the bike to the current riding conditions. The riding position is very upright, with the knees at a 90 degree angle. Although this makes it easier for the passenger to hold on, there is some space between the rider and the passenger. For this reason, the passenger may feel a little insecure when perched on the small seat cushion.

1/10 Moto Guzzi V85TT

Studio image of a beige 2021 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Tavel motorcycle on a white background.

The Moto Guzzi V85TT may look like a rugged, tumbling adventure bike, but that doesn’t mean it can’t excel as a party bike. The large windshield is perfect for keeping you and your passenger clean and bug-free on the way to dinner. The seat design keeps you both securely in place as you change lanes and make turns. Then there is the elegant Italian style. The bike also looks great with the storage box side panniers. They are essential for transporting personal effects and storing your helmets when you arrive at your destination. You’ll also appreciate added features like three-stage heated grips and fog lights.

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