Top 10 Motorcycles Under $6,000

The newly introduced rider faces a common barrier to entry with his fellow newbies: price. Enter the category below $6,000. This platform allows you to find quality motorcycles without breaking the bank. But where do you find motorcycles at such low prices? Do not be afraid! We’re giving you the ten best bikes for under $6,000.


10/10 Honda Trail 125 ABS – $3,999

Front three-quarter view of a red 2021 Honda Trail 125

The small-scale Trail 125 Honda is a perfect example of Honda culture, inspired to get more people into the sport and encourage consumers to switch to motorcycling every day. This bike starts at $3,999 and comes standard with ABS, which is new to the motorcycle industry. The Trail platform has been upgraded from the 90cc and 110 versions of previous years. With ABS on the front wheel and an electric starter, this is a significant upgrade for this household favourite. Standard in the Glowing Red colourway, this bike has proven character and performance, tested in the market for generations. This is a great option if you are cruising around town!

9/10 Honda Monkey—$4,199

Yellow Honda Monkey on white background

The Trail 125’s little brother, Honda created the Monkey in the 1960s as a supercharged pit bike with a flair for style and bravado. The new version has an engine identical to the latest Honda Grom, but with vintage styling and spirited performance. The model comes standard with ABS and has two colorways, Pearl Black and Banana Yellow. At a starting price of $4,199, this bike is a mighty 125cc with guts and a well-known thrilling riding experience. Aggressive 12-inch wheels provide a comfortable ride for even the most ambitious riders. Look no further if you’re looking for a compact, fun and unique driving experience to and from the beach; The Honda Monkey is here!

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8/10 Yamaha V-Star 250 – $4,599

Yamaha V Star 250 black on white background parked product image

We know cruiser riders aren’t concerned with MPG as their primary reason for considering a bike, but this bike delivers an incredible 78 MPG in its entry-level $4,000 package. The Yamaha V Star is an excellent motorcycle to learn the sport and show machismo. The cycle is inspired by the ever-popular Honda Rebel class and offers classic cruiser styling in a lightweight package. The 249cc V-twin offers five gears and a range of 200 miles, giving the rider plenty of time to establish themselves on the road. It’s a great option for the beginner rider looking to recreate Sons of Anarchy without tipping over dangerously during their first few weeks in the saddle.

7/10 Honda CB300R – $4,949

Photo of a Honda CB300 Black parked in front of a building

The Honda CBR300R is one of the best options for optimal power and functionality. Inspired by its big brother naked sport bikes, the CB300R offers the rider an upright seating position and responsive throttle response in the 286cc, liquid-cooled, four-valve, DOHC single-cylinder engine. Again, with standard ABS included and a neat front and rear fairing, this bike delivers both style and rider value in a top-of-the-line Honda bow. Priced at $4,949 and supplied only in Matte Pearl Blue, this bike is a great option for street commuters looking for a solid ride in a proven engine class.

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6/10 BMWG310R – $4,995

Photo of a 2022 BMW G 310 R burnout fog in a parking structure

The BMW G310R, starting at $4,995, is a welcome upgrade from previous generations of the BMW G-series bikes. The naked bike design is reminiscent of the KTM Duke platform, with 313cc of power delivered to the wheel back. The motorcycle has 34 horsepower and 20.6 lb-ft of torque at 7,500 rpm. The seat height differs from most offering 30.9 inches of rider height. Amazingly, the bike comes standard with a slipper clutch that the new rider can appreciate with its ergonomics and forgiving mechanics. The livery is available in different colors and includes an excellent display for all the information necessary for the curiosity of the pilot. This bike is best suited for the BMW fanatic looking to test the German motorcycle brand’s high-end engine design at a low cost of entry.

5/10 Royal Enfield Himalaya – $5,299

2022 Dirt Track Royal Enfield Scram 411 Action Shot Promotion

The Royal Enfield Himalayan, inspired by the majestic mountain range, offers a complete off-road driving experience in a small, lightweight package at a reasonable price. Including optional on-screen navigation options, customizable windshield mounts and adjustable ABS, this bike offers the rider incredible freedom in its use for various uses. The 450 is applicable in most ADV settings and offers enough storage options for light touring use. We love the matte black colorway (all at $5,299 MSRP), but the bike is available in many complementary colors and options. The beginner or intermediate ADV rider looking for a bike already set up in a small package might appreciate this entry.

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4/10 Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 – $5,399

Photo of a 2021 Husqvarna Svartpilen125 on city streets

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 is reminiscent of cafe racer rat bikes from previous years. With an aggressive tread pattern and sleek minimalist styling, this bike is a classic tribute to Swedish heritage. With the same engine as the Vitpilen, the 373cc single-cylinder model and a high-strength chrome frame, this bike blurs the line between off-road use and Blade Runner aesthetics. With great accessories available and a lesser starting price of $5,399, this bike could be turned into a flat-track all-terrain beast or a wheelie machine, rivaling the Grom squids of most city streets. town. This bike is for you if you love Red Bull and Sci-Fi graphic novels.

3/10 Kawasaki Z400 ABS—$5,399

Photo of a Kawasaki Z400 in road racing

A modern take on the entry-level riding experience, the Kawasaki Z400 is a clear copy of the Z900 and Z650 motorcycles of previous generations. Much to the beginner rider’s delight, this bike is indistinguishable from its remotely older brethren. The aggressive and poignant lines and angles shown in the front fascia and rear cowl inspire speed and performance for the viewer. The lightweight chassis, upright riding position and low seat height promote owner confidence and enthusiasm. The 399cc engine is applicable even for the entry-level trail bike, offering a wide array of parts and upgrades for riders to play with. At a base price of $5,399, this bike offers incredible value for the rider, once again with ABS as a standard accessory. You have to consider this bike if you are looking for a naked sport bike for minimal price and with proven performance.

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2/10 KTM RC390 – $5,899

Shot of white and orange KTM RC390 cornering

The KTM RC390 is a tribute to much larger race bikes in the higher cc categories. Starting at $5,899, the bike offers the rider a 373cc engine with revised engine mapping, improved torque figures and smoother complex pounding power. The frame has been upgraded along with the price with an ultra-lightweight design, slashing 3.3 pounds from the previous generation. The handlebars match the higher cc bikes in their clip-on design, and the bodywork and graphics match the KTMRC16 racer for Factory Racing-inspired color options. Although this bike is one of the more expensive options below, barely below the $6,000 price tag, the additions to the newer model warrant the attention of the premium-seeking rider with money to spend.

1/10 Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 – $6,100

Action shot of a 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 on city streets

We’re breaking the $100 rule, but it deserves a spot on the list. Straight out of the Tron and Cyberpunk theme, the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 is a fantastic option for those looking for sleek styling and proven engine performance. At a base price of $6,100, a bike is a great option for those looking for something they can park in almost any location but can also give them a nimble, maneuverable ride. The 373cc single-cylinder engine is hidden under this symmetrical tank and seat position, providing a minimalist stance. The clip-on handlebar promotes an aggressive riding angle and encourages the rider to weave through city streets with purpose. This bike is best suited for Daft Punk fans and a rider looking for a centerpiece to add to their garage.

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