Top 5 Suzuki Hayabusa Replicas Based On Indian Bikes

Bike enthusiasts go to great lengths to ensure that they own some form of expensive high-end motorcycles one way or another.

Here are some of the Indian bikes that have been turned into Hayabusa replicas. Anyone who even remotely knows the automotive world must know Suzuki Hayabusa. It was one of the first performance bikes to become famous in our country. This is largely due to celebrities who are passionate about movies or cycling. The Hayabusa’s familiar curvy but muscular silhouette was the most attractive and recognizable element. Let’s see how well these replicas represent the original.

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Indian Hayabusa Replica Bikes

Pulsar 220

One of the most popular mass-market bikes lends itself quite well to becoming the donor model for a Hayabusa replica. The white and blue paint hue brings the overall look closer to the original. This version has the rear light of the Pulsar but a massive wind shield visor, dual front ABS and dual exhaust system, among other things. This replica costs Rs 1.70 lakh and was made in Delhi.

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Pulsar 220F

The Pulsar 220 with fairing is also an excellent basis for building a Hayabusa replica on it. Based on the second generation Hayabusa, this model is a two-seater. The red and black color combination, muscular body panels and HID headlights give it the look of a true touring bike. There was no customization of the engine keeping in mind the final cost.

Indian Hayabusa Replica Bikes

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Another famous Baja product comes in the form of Dominar. This model has a modified exhaust, massive windshield, black alloy wheels, custom tail light and wide tail section to make it look like a Hayabusa. Its fuel tank area is relatively modest and not exaggerated to make it look like a larger, higher-end bike.

Indian Hayabusa Replica Bikes

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It looks like the most subtle modification of the lot. The all-black version informs the sporty look of the Hayabusa which has been implemented neatly and quite transparently. The alloy design is closer to the Karizma than the Hayabusa, but the front body panels make it look like a high-end motorcycle.

Indian Hayabusa Replica Bikes

CBZ Xtreme

This is the more extreme end of the spectrum on this list. The economy bike was very popular in India at the time, boasting impressive fuel economy and low maintenance. That black and white body reminds us of the sporty nature of the performance bike. Changes were made to the suspension and brakes to warrant the Hayabusa replica tag.

Indian Hayabusa Replica Bikes

These are the 5 most popular Indian motorcycles that have been made into Suzuki Hayabusa replicas. Which is your favourite?

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