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• Typically, the ATV engine displacement is 50-700 cc, and the UTV’s displacement is 500-1000 cc, which is recommended by almost all engine manufacturers.

• For smoother, quieter engine operation and lighter weight, OEMs choose a single overhead cam (SOHC) and dual overhead cam (DOHC) for the camshaft position on the all-terrain vehicles.

• To provide high pressure ratios at low rpm and achieve high performance, customers are currently installing aftermarket / custom-made turbochargers in high demand for ATVs and UTVs.

• The two-stroke engine has not been manufactured for ATVs for many years by major manufacturers. The new ATVs and side-by-side are equipped with four-stroke engines.

The ATV & UTV Motors Market is estimated at $ XX Billion in 2020, growing XX% CAGR through 2026. The ATV Market is based on purchasing targets and ranges from Recreational to Powersports through agricultural and military service. The main attraction of this market is the special luxury and leisure of our customers.

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• Now 900cc ATVs and 1000cc turbochargers are aligned on trails and trucks as the engine continues to grow. Polaris is the largest manufacturer of side-by-side products dominating the market with the RZR, Ranger and General ranges covering everything from sports / recreation to pure utility.

• The Polaris offers the most powerful engines, including the turbocharged, 925cc ProStar twin-cylinder engine that produces 168 hp. However, some motorsport enthusiasts are still not strong enough. Some aftermarket suppliers offer bigger hole kits, bigger turbos.

• All OEMs adjust their engines for average load, horsepower, terrain, riding style, tires and more. There is no exact trade-off, but the best, most enjoyable trip you can do based on your research.


By vehicle type

By fuel type
• Gasoline
• Diesel
• By output power,
• 100 CV
• By Displacement,
• 1000cc.

By region
• North America
• Europe
• Rest of the world


Can am Defender Platform, offers more comfort and performance, with new HD10 tools in all Defender packages with 82-pp and newly improved cockpit areas that use the balance between work and play. It is available in three versions: Pro, with the level, the industry has passed; The limited, with the Air conditioning and 6 × 6 silent taxi with more skill and ease of use.

CANAM `Maverick X3 New, with Turbo RR, the industry’s most powerful SSV engine delivers maximum reliability and performance with 195 hp

Polaris Sportsman is a 4 × 4 All Train which is automatically the best seller (ATV) every Time as 1.6 million vehicles sold. In 2020 we challenged ourselves to make this symbol of the symbol even better, finally produced for 450 ho sports players and 570 sport ATVs. Both models go to the forefront of rider knowledge and loving functions – but even smoother, stronger and easier to own and maintain.

• Yamaha Motorsports
• Suzuki
• John Deere
• Polaris inc.
• Can-Am motorcycles
• Arctic cat
• Honda Powersports
• Kawasaki motorcycles
• Hisun engines

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