Triumph Tiger Sport 660 offers Trident engine in mid-weight sport-tourer



With a triple cylinder in a small ADV platform, the Tiger 660 appeals to both novice and experienced pilots looking for an inexpensive everyday driver.

A pilot in a 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660.

Via: Triumph

Move to the middleweights, because there’s a new player in town – the Triumph Tiger Sport 660. New for 2022, the Tiger Sport 660 capitalizes on the best of the Trident 660 and the Tiger line to bring something completely new. revolutionary in the market. Offering a three-cylinder engine in a small ADV platform, the Tiger 660 is instantly recognizable thanks to its signature sound and three-in-one exhaust. No one else offers a bike like the Tiger Sport 660 and for that reason this bike has a good chance of becoming a smash hit for Triumph.

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The Tiger Sport 660 offers three times the pleasure

Not that long ago, motorcyclists, especially in the United States, viewed a 600cc adventure sport as too small and impractical. Today, the market is full of 650cc twin-cylinder options. To separate it from the crowd, Triumph offers its adventure sport a proven 660cc triple that develops 80 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque. These numbers put it just above rivals such as the Kawasaki Versys 650 and Suzuki V-Strom 650.

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In the eyes of other manufacturers, the mid-weight segment remains an entry-level or base model offering. As such, 650 ADV bikes tend to provide riders with only the essentials. Rather than excluding the technology for the sake of price, Triumph includes a few bells and whistles that enhance the driving experience on the Tiger Sport 660.

The Tiger 660 comes with an electric throttle, two riding modes (Ride and Rain) and switchable traction control. The bike also comes standard with a color TFT display. A quickshifter, heated grips, an under-seat USB charger, scroll indicators, tire pressure monitoring system, and app connectivity are also optional extras for any rider looking to dress up the package a bit more. 660.

Tiger Sport 660: retail price

A blue 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 parked by the side of the road.

Via: Triumph

The competition around small-displacement bikes is quite fierce. One of the main distinguishing factors among these bikes is the price, and Triumph seems determined to stay on the lookout for novice riders. Positioned between the Trident 660 and the Tiger 850 Sport, the Tiger Sport 660 enters the market at a base price of $ 9,295. At under $ 10,000, that places the Tiger Sport 660 in the market for new drivers as well as experienced drivers looking for an inexpensive daily driver. Triumph has also taken care to plant this ADV bike closer to the road side of this segment knowing that most riders will keep this bike on the curb. With extras like saddlebags and a top pack, Triumph has equipped this bike with everything it needs to be successful when it hits US dealerships in February 2022.

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