Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club 2022 National Rally [45th Anniversary]

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club of America converged on Eureka Springs, Ark., to celebrate its 45th anniversary. This meant a bike show with a wide range of motorcycles from across the Pacific Ocean. We checked out some of the highlights.1959 Honda SuperCub. If you’re wondering what inspired the current Honda Super Cub C125, this is it. This example was restored by the father-son team of Brady Smith Sr. and Jr. of Joplin, Mo., and won the Milestone Honda Award.1963 Honda CL-72. This 250cc twin-cylinder scrambler featured Honda’s first steel tube frame.1964 Tohatsu jammer. You won’t see it very often. Hap Jones Distributing Company imported this brand for three years in the early 1960s. Unfortunately, Tohatsu stopped producing motorcycles in favor of outboard motors in 1964.1965 Honda CL-77. Featuring a 305cc powertrain producing 27 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, this bike upped the ante for the mid-’60s scrambler.1965 Honda Super Hawk CB-77. It was the superbike in Honda’s lineup at the time, with a 305cc twin that could top 100mph. Elvis Presley rode one in tank top. In the background is the revolutionary 1973 Honda Elsinore CR250M motocrosser.1970 Bridgestone M II RS. The only Bridgestone present at the event, this 200cc two-stroke twin won the Japanese Orphan category. It belongs to John Walter.A group of 1971 Honda Motosport dual sport motorcycles. Clockwise from front left we have the SL-70, SL-100, SL-175, SL-350 and SL-125. In the foreground, a human-powered Kick N Go scooter and a Honda generator.Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club: 1971 Yamaha XS1-BYamaha XS1-B from 1971. Inspired by the Triumph Bonneville and BSA Lightning, the 653cc vertical twin XS1-B was the only four-stroke in Yamaha’s lineup at the time.1972 Kawasaki 350 S2 Mach II. This two-stroke triple was the smallest displacement model in Kawasaki’s line of three-cylinder motorcycles.1972 Yamaha JT2MX. The Mini Enduro revolutionized motorcycles for children, with the same style as motorcycles for adults. Behind it is a 1968 Honda Mini Trail 50.Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club: 1973 Kawasaki Z11973 Kawasaki Z1. Following the lead of the Honda CB750, the Z1 ushered in a new era of superbikes.1973 Suzuki GT-750L Le Mans. Colloquially known as the Water Buffalo, this liquid-cooled two-stroke was known for its friendly demeanor.Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club: Suzuki RE5Suzuki RE5 1974. Designed by an Italian and featuring the unusual Wankel powertrain, it’s as unusual as Japanese motorcycles.Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club: Honda CBXHonda CBX. You rarely see a fleet of Honda CBX six-cylinder superbikes lined up.Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club TrophiesTrophies. It wouldn’t be a motorcycle show without plenty of awards. The three-day event brought together 160 members and featured three days of riding. The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club celebrates Japanese motorcycles that are 20 years old or older, so you’ll have to wait a few more years before you can join your Honda Rune.

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