Vredestein Centauro NS and Centauro ST motorcycle tire test


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Vredestein is a Dutch brand owned by Apollo Tires and these premium bicycle tires are made in India

Vredestein is a relatively unknown brand in India, but the company has a 110-year-old heritage and is quite well known in Europe. India’s Apollo Tires acquired the Netherlands-based brand in 2009, and the Centauro range of premium bicycle tires are now made in India and offered in two large versions. The Vredestein Centauro ST is a sport touring tire, while the Centauro NS is a road sport tire, designed for sportier motorcycles, but not for racing slicks, but with superior grip. According to Apollo tires, the Vredestein motorcycle tire line will offer an alternative to owners of high-end motorcycles and face brands like Pirelli, albeit with a slight price advantage.


Vredestein premium bicycle tires will compete with Pirelli, and will be slightly cheaper and more readily available in India.

Sizes and construction

The Vredestein Centauro ST is made from a special compound for sports tourism and designed for the best performance in a wide range of conditions and temperatures. The construction of the tire uses a zero degree steel belt on the inside, and the multi-spoke profile promises safety and stability in all conditions, as well as even wear. The Centauro ST offers a wider range of sizes, from 170 section to 190 section rear tires, but all for 17-inch wheels. For the front, the ST only offers a 120 section option.


The overall performance and grip levels of Vredestein Centauro tires leaves no doubt that these are good products, built with international quality standards in mind.

The Centauro NS is designed for road and sport riding, with dual compound technology for the rear wheel, designed for better handling and to offer tilt control. The multi-spoke profile with an optimized zero degree steel belt is believed to provide high quality dynamic behavior in all conditions. The NS is not a racing tire, but built for road use, with high levels of grip, and due to the limited outings on the track, these are truly impressive tires.


The performance of the Centauro NS is quite nice and the grip levels are pretty good, although these tires are not intended for racing use, and primarily designed for road use.


For the Vredestein Centauro ST I was assigned a Kawasaki Versys 1000, and given that it is a sport tourer, I didn’t really manage to push it around the corners of the track. Coupled with a front suspension from the Versys 1000 which continued to dive, it was rather slow. But even with the suspension high enough, in the corners the Centauro STs offered good grip, never letting me for once get nervous or have doubts about the traction offered.


Vredestein Centauro ST sports touring tires are not designed for track use. A real test would be to take a long, multi-day hike to see how these tires perform what they’re supposed to do best. Nevertheless, the grip levels and performance are quite good.

In the next session, I switched to a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 fitted with Centauro NS tires. The Ninja 1000 has more precise handling and offers much better confidence to push on the track. With roughly 6-7 laps around the short loop of the track, I’m happy to report that the Centauro NS tires provided adequate grip and more, to push up to the knee while scraping lean angles around. baffles. Leaning and accelerating out of the turn, there was no “Oh my God!” Moments, and that says a lot about the confidence and levels of grip offered by the tires.


The track experience saw a wide variety of motorcycles fitted with Vredestein Centauro NS and Vredestein Centauro ST tires.


With import restrictions on premium tires, getting a set of replacement tires is extremely difficult these days, especially for larger motorcycles. And with Apollo Vredestein stepping into the game, this is great news for big bike owners in India, who now have at least one option that promises to be available nationwide. These tires are made in India, to be sold in the domestic market, as well as in overseas markets, including Europe. The Vredestein Centauro range will compete with the Pirelli Angel GT and Pirelli Diablo Rosso III, and will cost between 25,000 and 30,000. Although the prices are not very competitive compared to the Pirelli, they still offer very good value for money, and the fact that Vredestein tires will be readily available makes them all the more attractive.


The outing to the Buddh International Circuit did not take place at very high speeds, but given the limited track time, it is easy to be impressed with the performance and grip levels of the new Vredestein Centauro tires.


Our outing on the international Buddh circuit was not exactly with very high speeds. But given the use these tires are designed to be used for, there hasn’t been a single moment where traction was felt to be lacking, nor an alarming moment that resulted in a loss of confidence or stability. Grip levels and overall performance were pretty cool, and for the high end bike owner looking for a replacement tire set, the Vredestein Centauro range has good quality tires. Would I recommend these? With the limited track time at the BIC, there was nothing to dislike, so yes, the Vredestein tires are definitely worth considering.

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