Watch 125cc TVS Raider give 153cc Yamaha FZ16 a run for its money

It’s not every day that a 125 cc can ride on a 150 cc motorcycle. Well, here’s an example of what happens when a light bike with a small motor takes on a heavy bike with a bigger motor.

This race between the TVS Raider and the Yamaha FZ16 will definitely keep you going. The TVS Raider is a popular bike among bike enthusiasts looking for a motorcycle that is fun and affordable to ride. He impressed everyone with his performances. Its lightweight construction makes its engine lively. The Yamaha FZ16, on the other hand, is a heavier motorcycle with a bigger engine. It’s also a popular choice for people looking for something a little upscale. But what happens when these two bikes go head to head?

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TVS Raider vs. Yamaha FZ16

The YouTuber uploaded this video, but we urge all of our readers not to attempt such stunts on the roads. This could have fatal consequences. Getting back to racing, the first attempt surprises everyone with the Raider taking a victory over the FZ16 with a marginal gap. For the second attempt, the bikers decide to exchange the bikes. This is a great way to ensure accurate and repeatable results. It will compensate for the inadequacy of the weight and the personalized manners of driving. However, on the second attempt as well, the Raider remains in the lead for most of the race. The YouTuber mentions that the FZ16 isn’t as stable at high speeds, which is why you don’t ride it at high speeds for long periods of time.

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The main reason the Raider wins the race is its weight advantage. For a motorcycle in the 125 cc segment, Raider boasts some impressive horsepower figures. In the case of the FZ16, the horsepower figures for a motorcycle in the 150cc segment are not that good. It’s pretty average. However, the heavy bodywork and wider tires mean the bike’s performance takes a hit. Also, with the upgrade to BS6, it lost power to control emissions. All of these factors combine to make the TVS Raider the winner of this race against the Yamaha FZ16.

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