Watch Allen Millyard begin assembling the Kawasaki S1 four-cylinder

In January 2022, Allen Millyard showed us the process of building the bottom end of his Kawasaki S1 550 four-cylinder engine. It was just part of his latest series of YouTube videos, of course, but it seemed like a such a hopeful way to start a new year as we have seen. It’s June 2022 now, so we wanted to see how things go with the S1 550.

In the latest episode, Millyard has just got its frame back after being painted, and it’s now ready for bike assembly. Luckily the weather is warming up in England too, so Millyard eagerly brings its assembly efforts to its back garden so that a helpful robin can oversee. He packs a small bucket with the tools he will need, as well as a small jar of grease, and he leaves in the sun.

First, it’s time to get the bearings located in the steering stem, along with plenty of grease to hold them in place during assembly and also to keep everything well lubricated when finished. He then begins to put other items back in place, including the battery holder and motor mounts.

Once the engine is mounted, you know what comes next? That’s right, that engine monster. Millyard disappears into his shed and comes out again, carefully hoisting the engine into the air using only himself – no motor hoist, trolley or anything else to help him achieve it. It’s a workshop workout!

Since this is one of Millyard’s custom engine builds, where he added multiple cylinders together to create his own vision, that means it’s time for some new bolts and spacers. After all, the old bolts are no longer the right length to do what they are meant to do – and specific size spacers are also needed.

Now, of course, Millyard has a workshop full of tools, plus the knowledge and talent to whip up all the gear it needs. For the spacers, he gets an aluminum bar and just makes his own, using his lathe and a few other tools. For the bolts, he cuts off a pair of existing bolts that are now too long. He then recuts the threads with a die (after chamfering the bottom ends, of course) to fit the nuts he wants to use.

What about Tracy’s bakery and the Millyard family faun? Do not worry; as usual, both make appearances in this video. Tracy happens to bake some very tasty cupcakes, which she decorates to look like hedgehogs. Later, thanks to the Millyards’ night vision camera, we get a good look at their nocturnal hedgehog visitors to top off this part of the build after Allen called it a night.

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