WATCH: clash between the favorites for the BSB team-mates title; O’Hallor …


Runaway British Superbike Championship leader Jason O’Halloran escaped injuries beyond bruising following a collision with his McAMS Yamaha teammate Tarran Mackenzie at Silverstone.

However, there was worse news for Mackenzie – second behind O’Halloran in the standings – who suffered a broken hand.

In what was a shocking conclusion to the weekend’s first race at Silverstone, O’Halloran and Mackenzie once again demonstrated their credentials as fit runners in this year’s BSB Series as they set themselves apart. rushed for the lead in the final stages.

O’Halloran – already a 10-time race winner in 2021 – had led from the opening stages, but a late charge from Mackenzie would see him take the lead at Brooklands on lap 22 of 24.

However, after doing the inside pass cleanly, Mackenzie lost the rear of the R1, causing him to tip into a high side which sent him and the bike straight into the path of ‘O’Halloran who catapulted himself over the handlebars.

Both runners were able to recover, albeit cautiously, but had to go to the medical center for the go-ahead.

A tweet from McAMS Yamaha said that O’Halloran escaped injury despite the impact, adding that he intended to race tomorrow.

However, there is more than one question mark for Mackenzie, who fractured the fifth metacarpal on his left hand.

The incident will trigger memories of the opening of BSB 2019 when Mackenzie’s pass for the lead on O’Halloran in the final corner forced the Australian to crash. The Scotsman took the win but lost it when he was penalized for causing an accident.

It is also a critical time for the two riders, who together have won all but seven of the 21 races contested so far this year, this weekend marking the end of the first phase of the season before the eight First do head to the Title Showdown, where the champion will be decided over three laps and nine races with more points tied.

Scoring his first retirement in 2021, O’Halloran is currently 106 points ahead of Mackenzie, although this will be reduced to just 30 points for the showdown (notwithstanding the podium credits earned in races 2 and 3).

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