WATCH Honda Activa vs. Suzuki Access 125 in a showdown

The showdown between Honda Activa and Suzuki Access 125 is quite interesting. Indeed, the first has a 100 cc engine, while the second has a 125 cc engine. At first glance, this looks like unfair competition. But the performance of these two scooters are almost similar. Therefore, the YouTuber decided to go through the showdown. Here are the results that might surprise some people.

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Honda Activa vs. Suzuki Access – Tug of War

The place chosen for this competition is an offset track with a dirt road. Traction on this road is not the best. The scooters were tied with a rope from the rear grab handles. Being at the same height provides a good balance for the event. On the first attempt, both bikes were put to full throttle, but no one came out a clear winner. This was repeated in later trials as well. Interestingly, the Access 125’s slightly larger engine didn’t give it too much of an advantage in real-world conditions, and it wasn’t able to pull the Activa convincingly once. While it looked like the Access 125 was slightly more powerful, there was no clear winner and the tussle ended in a tie.

In the latest 6G avatar, the Honda Activa comes with a 109.5cc engine that produces 7.79 PS and 8.79 Nm of peak power and torque respectively. There are drum brakes at both ends and ABS is not available even as an option. Activa costs Rs 70,599 for the base trim and Rs 72,345 for the top trim (all prices ex-showroom).

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On the other hand, the Suzuki Access 125 comes with a 124cc fuel injected engine producing 8.7PS and 10Nm of peak power and torque respectively. There is a front disc brake option but there is no ABS. The prices of the Access 125 oscillate between Rs 75,600 and Rs 84,800, ex-showroom. We strongly advise you not to perform any tug of war yourself as it may damage components of bikes and cars.

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