Watch This Guy Build A Perfect Kawasaki Ninja H2R Streetfighter Custom

There’s something endlessly satisfying about watching someone put together an intricately detailed miniature. While there’s no one in the world quite like the YouTuber behind the Paper Modeling channel, it takes special dedication to take an existing model kit and turn it into your own thing. I mean, we have full scale custom bikes in the world, so why wouldn’t there be 1/12 scale custom bikes?

Today we are looking at the latest news from another talented YouTuber, who goes by the name of Kota Scale Model. In this case, the build begins with a standard 1/12 scale Kawasaki Ninja H2R Tamiya, but about 17 minutes later (thanks to assembly) what emerges is a simply stunning and essential H2R streetfighter.

As always in this kind of work, it’s the attention to every little detail that really stands out. Patience absolutely pays off, and impatience will definitely end in tears (and botched results). From the precise and clean cuts needed to free each small piece from the tiny bits of plastic that hold it in place, to taking the time to carefully cut away unwanted plastic bits and sand down any rough edges before assembly, no complexity is left unattended.

Obviously, all of these techniques aren’t new to the builder behind this channel, as he has all the tools, chemicals, paints, and more needed to make his vision a reality. From several grades of sanding sticks to the right polishing compound, this is a masterclass in why having the right tool for the right job can make such a difference.

Although he moves with purpose and determination, none of his movements are rushed or imprecise. That confidence surely helps, especially with extremely tedious tasks like painstakingly placing tiny little decals.

All in all, it’s a joy to watch and listen to this project come together, especially since there’s plenty of well-micated and well-edited ASMR to enjoy here. Appropriately placed little music clips add a nice little spice, much like the neat paint finish Kota applies in order to achieve that burnished, realistic look on the exhaust headers. Now, it looks like a little rider has ridden this H2R, and our brains are totally set to accept that idea as fact.

While unfortunately you can’t drive the completed Streetfighter H2R, it certainly costs a lot less than a full-size model and you can proudly display it in your home, even if you don’t have a lot of space. It doesn’t seem like a bad deal to us.

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