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The smooth progress of the property purchase process and the aftermath is a situation that every consumer wants. Having information about your legal rights during this process allows you to see your way clearly during the bargaining or contracting phase and even after signing. Being aware of your legal rights when buying a property protects you against future grievances or sudden changes in opinion. Within the scope of the Consumer Protection Law no. 6502 amended in recent years, various regulations have been made to protect the rights of consumers in the real estate sector.


Right of Abandonment within 14 Days

Right of Abandonment within 14 Days

According to the decision taken to prevent the victimization of consumers who buy real estate, anyone who buys a house from any housing project can withdraw from the prepaid housing sales contract within 14 days without giving any reason. Accordingly, the seller company is obliged to return all the documents that may put the consumer under debt, and the banks with which the credit agreement has been made are obliged not to demand any expense from the consumer within the 14-day right of withdrawal.


Housing Delivery Time of the Project Up to 36 Months

If the consumer buys a house from any housing project, the sale of the model should not exceed 36 months. In particular, if you buy a house from soil, you can require the seller to deliver the house within a maximum of 36 months as required by your legal right.


Defective Goods Replacement Period 60 Days

If the consumer sees any defect in a property purchased, the contractor may ask the company to correct the defect or to change the house. Accordingly, the company has the right to change the house for 60 days. You may exercise your legal right in such a situation, especially after the delivery of the house and even after moving into it.


Contractors 5 Year Responsible

Contractors 5 Year Responsible

Contractors are responsible for 5 years for the completed projects in case of any problems related to the real estate purchased. In this case, the consumer should not be victimized in cases where defective goods or defect occurs later.


Compulsory Insurance in Real Estate Loans

Compulsory Insurance in Real Estate Loans

In most cases, life insurance is not compulsory by banks during the purchase of loans to their customers. If the consumer uses credit for the purchase of property and wants to be insured, then of course it can be sold with written permission due to its benefits. We should also state that consumers are free to choose the insurance company they want. So you do not have to take your life insurance from the bank you borrowed. At this point, we would like to remind you that you can get advantageous credit life insurance through Portia pages.


The sales contract must be made in the presence of a notary public

For pre-paid real estate sales, sales contracts must be made in the presence of a notary public. In this case, a preliminary information form is given to the buyer and the contract is not signed without obtaining the building license. You should not sign contracts that are not in the presence of a notary public.


Credit Account should not be charged

Banks are not allowed to charge fees or charges for the account only if transactions related to the credit are made from the account to be opened for the loan to be used by the consumer for the purchase of property.

The legal rights mentioned above are a lifeline for the prevention of grievances that you may experience in buying property. Avoiding people and situations that may exploit you in a matter that requires a long and detailed investigation process, such as the purchase of housing, will be possible only if you are fully aware of your rights.

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