Why I bought the Suzuki Hayabusa 2021

The Suzuki Hayabusa will share the garage space with my Honda Africa Twin.

BHPian GoBlue recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

To be honest, I have a soft spot for Suzuki motorcycles. The GSX S1000 was a dream bike. While I have always liked the concept of the Hayabusa and the iconic status it had, I was not much of a fan of the older generation of Hayabusa. I don’t like barebones motorcycles when it comes to ownership, there are so many dangers on the roads already, riding a 1300cc motorcycle with just ABS is really scary. In addition, the design of the older generation Busas was too round for my taste.

That all changed when Suzuki launched the Gen 3 Hayabusa in 2021. The evolution of that bulbous design into what Gen 3 is today is just fantastic. It is amazing how crisp and sexy the bike looks in person. While the rear is still somewhat reminiscent of the old bulb, it is not close to it. The biggest change in Gen 3 is build quality, cycle parts, and electronics. It is absolutely faultless. Gen 3 is ultimately what Gen 1 / Gen 2 came very close to, but failed to be – a complete package.

To be honest, I’ve always been a fan of big, bulky sport-tourers. The 200 kg class super sports cars are not close to my heart (at least for me, personally). I’m not into aggressive street / track riding, which is why these bikes don’t make sense.

Riding the Africa Twin which weighs 260-265kg (with the crash guards) made it possible to realize how easy it is to manage the weight once in motion. The stability and planted feel that this weight gives the bike is incredible.

The Africa Twin will continue to be part of the garage. This is another iconic motorcycle that continues to amaze. The build quality is scintillating, with little to discern between competing European ADVs (it’s actually a 2-3 scale higher quality than a lot).

I see triple / four cylinder ADVs coming into the market that produce over 150 HP (looking at you Tiger 1200 and Multistrada V4), but to be honest it’s not much fun to drive an ADV fast. The type of dynamics of a street bike must remain unique. The only other product that excites me in the ADV space is the S1000XR, which is once again a sport tourer.

The goal of having two motorcycles in the garage is to have the two complementary in terms of driving pleasure. While the Africa Twin is a great motorcycle in its own right, I’m not a fan of twin-cylinder engines in isolation. That’s where the Hayabusa comes in with perhaps one of the best production Inline 4 engines to ever exist in motorcycle history. This fun of driving an ICBM with analog wheels and dials is going to be unique / special. As most of us motorcycle enthusiasts already know (but refuse to admit it to ourselves), one motorcycle cannot be all the fun.

The two bikes would be guardians for life, will have a permanent place in the garage.

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