Woman tells inquest she was not holding cell phone before fatal collision with motorcyclist in Eastham


A YOUNG woman denied holding her cell phone seconds before a motorcyclist was killed after crashing into her car.

An investigation has revealed how Bradley Taylor, 32, was involved in a collision with a Citron c2 driven by Mia McKenna on Ferry Road in Eastham at around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday June 16, 2018.

Mr Taylor, of Dearnford Avenue, Bromborough, suffered “catastrophic” injuries in the incident after being thrown from his Kawasaki motorcycle and although he was treated by paramedics he was pronounced dead on the road. places around 6.15 p.m.

The inquest, held at the Liverpool coroner’s office, learned that Ms McKenna, who had only been driving for about three months, was attempting to turn right into Torr Drive when Mr Taylor, who was driving across the road , collided with his vehicle.

She was initially questioned about causing the death by reckless driving, but the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

The investigation learned that the father of one of them, who worked at Jaguar Halewood as a welder and was an avid boxing enthusiast, was below the legal alcohol limit, but a toxicology report showed that he had recently used cannabis.

Ms McKenna told the inquest that she passed her driving test in December 2017, but only started driving after purchasing the Citron in March 2018.

She said on the day of the incident she went to The Tap pub on Ferry Road for a job interview which she said was successful after she was offered a test job.

“I left the pub and remember feeling really, really happy so I tried calling my boyfriend but he didn’t answer,” said Ms McKenna, who described how she then connected her cell phone to her car’s speaker system using the auxiliary cable and called her aunt.

She told the investigation how she spoke to her aunt hands free as she left the Eastham Ferry hotel parking lot and turned right onto Ferry Road before indicating and starting to turn into Torr Drive when the motorcycle hit his car.

“I felt like my car had exploded,” Ms. McKenna said in tears. “I didn’t know what happened – all the airbags blew up.

“My body was in shock. I got out of the car and started screaming and screaming. My aunt was still on the phone, so I went back to get the phone and found it in the floor. back.

“All I could hear was his screams. I couldn’t pronounce my words correctly. I remember saying ‘Eastham Ferry. Please help me. ”

“It’s just a blur – I just remember screaming and screaming. I just knew something bad had happened but I couldn’t understand what was going on.”

Ms McKenna, who tested negative for both alcohol and drugs, was questioned by Zone Coroner Anita Bhardwaj over witness statements that she was seen holding her phone shortly before the incident.

“It’s an absolute lie,” she added. “I wasn’t holding this phone because that’s how I was taught to drive.

“I would never hold my phone and I know 100% that I was not holding my phone.”

The inquest then heard from witness Matthew Westbury, who was 16 at the time of the incident and had just finished working at the Tap when the collision occurred.

He described how he was skateboarding when he saw Ms McKee come out of the parking lot with her phone in her ear.

Mr Westbury said she exclaimed “Oh my God!” when she saw him approaching her car on the skateboard.

Another witness, Benjamin Oakley, said he was walking his dog along Ferry Road when he saw the motorcycle crash into the Citron and rushed to help Mr Taylor.

He told the inquest that Ms McKenna was holding a cell phone and talking to someone when she approached him after the collision.

In progress.

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