Yamaha TMAX goes to the max! The high-end scoot gets more tech and a major restyle

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Yamaha has updated its flagship maxi-scooter, the TMAX Tech Max, for 2022 with a sportier look and advanced technology.

The front end is now more muscular with reshaped, taller headlights and what Yamaha describes as “supersport-inspired styling.” The screen would be quieter than on the older model with a central air intake designed to improve rider airflow at high speed.

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The new TMAX is also thinner in the middle for easier descent of the feet and ends in the rear with a bright T-shaped design. The sporty look comes with a sportier riding position than ever before.

Behind the new display is an all-new 7-inch TFT full-color instrument panel replacing the old monochrome display and the analog clock combination.

The new instrument panel boasts full smartphone connectivity – all controlled by a new left joystick – and can be used with Yamaha’s Bluetooth headphones. You can also get full Garmin map navigation, including rider alerts, weather forecasts, and photo-real junction views.

So the new TMAX looks like the part and packed with tech, but will it have the performance to back it up? The bike’s 560cc twin engine remains unchanged, but there are new, lighter rotational forged wheels and new, firmer suspension settings for improved feel and agility up front.

Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 2022 dashboard and switchgear

This, coupled with the new Bridgestone Battlax SC2 tires, should mean the TMAX 2022 should be as punchy as ever.

There is no news on the price yet, but we expect it to top just over £ 12,000 when it hits dealerships in March.

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