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Real estate rate December 2020 - Analysis and advice

Since this summer, we have seen a slight drop in real estate rates over the months. The trend in real estate rates for November 2020 will therefore be the same for real estate rates in December 2020. Below, our complete analysis of the best real estate rates recorded with our banking partners, as well as the current trends in… Read more »

Real estate rate November 2020

The rates for November 2020 suffered a slight drop compared to the real estate rates for October 2020. Plunged into a second lockdown, will the rates still be so attractive? And this until the end of 2020? Below, our full update on current trends and the latest best rates recorded with our partners… Read more »

Real estate rate October 2020

Access to homeownership continues to be difficult despite low interest rates. In fact, the restrictions of the HCSF were maintained during September 2020 because the risks to financial stability were still too present due to the continuing health crisis of COVID-19. What will be the interest rate trends… Read more »

Real estate rate September 2020

Access to credit is proving more difficult with the recent rules of the HSCF and the ECB restricting the conditions for granting loans to banks in order to limit household indebtedness. The ECB recently ruled on keeping rates low until 2021 in order to avoid the rate hike following the… Read more »

Real estate rates August 2020

For the real estate rates of August 2020, we expect the same downward trend, as at the beginning of the year of the real estate rates 2020. In fact, following the stabilization of the real estate rates of June 2020, we have seen a drop in the scale. real estate rates in July 2020. The best real estate rates for August 2020 at Labougeotte… Read more »

Real estate rate July 2020

The significant rise in real estate rates in May 2020 stemmed from the Covid-19 health crisis. Since then, mortgage rates for June 2020 have stabilized. This stabilization is due to the key rates and recommendations of the European Central Bank (ECB), which encouraged banks to grant loan applications in order to revive the… Read more »