Savings and taxation

Labougeotte's savings and tax service supports you over the long term and assists you in the analysis of all of your assets in order to highlight your asset issues (personal and / or professional) and to understand your short-term objectives. , medium and long term.

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We are also looking for the best solutions according to your profile for:

Optimize your wealth

Set up solutions to achieve your wealth objectives by asset class, level of risk, distribution between spouses, etc.

Respond to your specific issues

Taxation, joint membership, intergenerational donation, new tax and inheritance provisions, etc.

Assist you in your procedures

  • Subscription of a life insurance contract (duration, beneficiary clause, asset allocation)
  • Opening and transfer of an Equity Savings Plan (PEA), securities account, etc.

You benefit from personalized private management, a tailor-made offer and an experienced, available and responsive team.

Our areas of expertise in Savings and Taxation

Our expertise allows us to support you on the following actions:

Life insurance

Life insurance is the ideal contract for a person wishing to save, in fact this contract makes it possible to build up a capital which itself produces interest. It is the ideal investment in order to save and pass on your wealth.

Term account

Individuals wishing to put their cash in savings can opt for two solutions: the term account or the savings account. These two solutions are short-term investments that share some similarities: the fees which are free, the investment without risk as well as the savings and the taxation.

Business term account

Companies and banks particularly appreciate term accounts in companies . These investments are preferred by companies among the various cash management products on the market.

Madelin contract

The objective of the Madelin retirement contract is to build a supplementary retirement pension in addition to the compulsory pensions in the form of annual income. This will also allow you to get a tax reduction from the premiums that are paid; the savings effort is paid for by part of the tax savings.

Rental investment

The rental investment is a real estate purchase, the interest of this investment is to achieve additional income. The goal is to buy in order to rent in order to build up real estate assets, provide family and friends with an inheritance and guarantee an annual income for retirement. Rental real estate investment can target a house, an apartment or even a building.

Popular retirement savings plan (PERP)

The popular retirement savings plan makes it possible to build up a supplementary pension by capitalization. It is open to anyone who has not already liquidated their pension rights under the compulsory scheme and who is not over 65 years of age. A person without professional activity also has the possibility of opening a PERP in his name while taking advantage of the tax deduction.


A SCPI (Civil Companies of Real Estate Placement) or "Pierre Papier" is a company whose activity consists mainly in acquiring and managing rental property assets (residential or industrial premises, offices, shops and commercial premises) in order to to profit from it. Several people join forces and pool their capital to make one or more rental investments.

Pinel Law

The aim of the Pinel law is to revive construction by pushing investors to buy in order to rent. While promoting the emergence of a new supply of intermediate housing, it targets tight areas by allowing tax reductions through rental investments.